Minimal Invasive Surgery

  >  Microdiscectomy
Nowadays the microscope can be used in almost all surgical procedures it is incorrect not to use it during surgery. In particular for the spine, use of the microscope allows minimally  invasive techniques. Techniques with minimal trauma, no injury to the tissues in order to access the surgical field and minimal destruction of healthy tissue.

The magnification of the plane are necessary to safely be able to separate the healthy structures and to remove the pathological tissues with maximum surgical precision without the need to repel the structures causing further affliction.

Especially in microdiscectomy where it is necessary to create a minimal entry window in the lamina so that the micro instruments can facilitate access to expose the herniated disc. Minimal or no retraction of neural structures is necessary to distinguish the tissues and with the necessary safety to remove the herniated disc away from the pressed root or any adjacent channel structure. At the same time any intraoperative difficulty is addressed more easily seen as the safety of magnification and focus allow the safe and timely reaction of the neurosurgeon.