Minimal Invasive Surgery

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This is the application of minimally invasive methods either for conditions - injuries of the brain or for conditions - injuries of the spine.
This possibility was given to us by the widespread use of the microscope and their improved capabilities.

The focus and zoom of the surgical plane gives us the opportunity through a small incision 2-3 cm long to have access to a wide range of brain structures by changing the direction of view of the microscope in all axes.

With this method the surgical trauma is minimal, postoperative recovery easier and ressections applied intraoperatively minimum.
Characteristically tumors of the skull base can be accessed in several cases  through a small incision in the eyebrow and a small craniotomy made in the underlying frontal bone.

The same technique of a small incision is applied in spine surgery to repair damage in all the degrees of the spine. Nowadays, microdiscectomy, decompression of  neural structures, disc replacement, spinal fusion, vertebroplasty – kyphoplasty, even  tumor extraction canin fact be performed through skin incisions of 2-3cm.