Who we Are

We are a team with significant experience in medical devices in the field of Neurosurgery. Our close monitoring of the advancements in less invasive surgical techniques and implant developments over the years inspired our vision to create a specialized service in the field globally referred to as Medical Tourism exclusively for Neuro operations.

In our view the fundamental aspect of Medical Tourism should be the provision of excellence in Medical treatment which led us to our first and logical step, choosing the right surgeon to collaborate with. We were fortunate to add Dr Neophytos Neophytou as a member of our team, a dedicated Neurosurgeon, with over 20 years of experience in Germany & Austria. This background has given Dr Neophytou valuable knowledge and the ability to continually advance his education in all innovations in the field of Neurosurgery, experience which allows him to take full advantage of the advancements available in order to improve the outcome of his patients.

Our decision to focus solely on minimally invasive Neurosurgical operations derives from our desire to be in a position to competently meet the specific needs of one of the most challenging fields of surgery while addressing the criteria which motivate each individual to seek surgery abroad.

Our concept is that a patient in need of surgery and who seeks it abroad, should have the ability if they wish, to participate in choosing where they will stay and what they will do in the time they are recuperating, armed with the knowledge that the services they will need have been scrutinized and that there is a selection suited to their religious beliefs and financial capacities for them to choose from. This will give them the serenity needed to face their personal problem in the best possible way.

We strongly believe that all patients irrespective of race or creed should have access to the most advanced neurosurgical methods and CE marked implants available.